Book Release: “The Unseen Colors of the 40’s” by Marc Di Maggio

(Miami, FL) How to find out the real colors of a black and white picture taken in the 1940’s? How to discover colors in stories and moments we never seen or lived before? The italian writer Marc Jean Di Maggio talks about the vicissitudes of a small village during the second world war, the love towards the sea, their boats, and the beautiful Eneride, a novel that in poetic deph is underlined not only by the style but also by the message inherent in the book, that the discovery of the colors never before seen of the 40’s, and how he was able to translate those colors into feelings and describe them in this story.

Join Marc J Di Maggio book release of “The Unseen Colors of The 40’s” at:

Books and Books

265 Aragon Ave. Coral Gables

Tuesday, May 12th at 8.00 PM


A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to Joe Di Maggio Children’s Hospital Foundation


About “The Unseen Colors of 40’s”

As Marc was looking at a black and white picture, he could neither see nor understand whether those real lively colors did exist at the exact moment the photograph was shot. He realized only later, talking to his relatives and friends, that, although the lack of colors gave the photo a look of antique, these colors were remembered only by the people who were present at the moment the photo was taken. Staring at the picture, the impossible love of a desperate sailor for the beautiful Eneride began to take shape, to be then consumed in a lifetime. The writer could see in the traditions of a village, the Shipwrights that revealed to a few favorite the hidden soul of all their masterpieces. The parallel story of Elpidio and Atanasio, the two leading characters who discover how important they are one for the other, comes out from the events taking place in that village deeply offended by constant bombing as well as by the effect of constant and ignorant gossip. This is the story of the Shipwright and the Sailor.


About the Author

Born in the hectic Parisian beauty, Marc J Di Maggio discovered his pencil at a young age, during a cold January. From Paris to Brussels he arrived in Italy, in the area of ​​Monte Argentario, where for a period of time He felt the earth under his feet, Porto Santo Stefano, which would become his home for over twenty years .As a child He could breathe an international air and live unique experiences that reported in the following years in his stories. Travelling the world, crossing oceans, has always been a great passion of his, which later transformed into a job. About ten years ago, driven by the following – “There is no place in the world that can not be reached” – the author decided to move to the United States, in Miami, where the colors and, of course, the tropical climate, make the writing take life permanently. Writing becomes an incomprehensible, meditative must that filled his mornings with a unique energy.

“Even today I am amazed when I understand how wonderful it is not to investigate about where thoughts come from! “


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